New page – photos!

We’ve added a new page for photos of the posters put up around town. Submit photos of your handiwork to our tumblr, and we’ll post them here! Advertisements

buttons and stickers

In addition to having our posters available in French, we also now have images for use as buttons or stickers.

Posters now in french

All our posters can now be downloaded in French as well as English!

New posters

We’ve added three new posters. They are, unsurprisingly, on the page titled, “New Posters.” Check them out.


Stephen Harper is bad for Canada. Whether it’s the environment, human rights, the economy, or any other issue that’s important to you, Stephen Harper is probably messing it up. Not enough Canadians seem to be aware of this. It might have something to do with Harper’s strict control over what information is available to the … Continue reading